The first week of Broadcaster Royale Season 2 is in the books, and it was full of more bedlam and hi-jinx than you can shake a stick at! Teams from Asia, Europe, North and South America duked it out, with the first place team from each region automatically qualifying for the upcoming Finals at TwitchCon.

Over the weekend, we saw all manner of mayhem, including:

  • 1310 Kills
  • 264 Headshot Kills
  • 164 Revivals
  • 2644 Kilometers Walked (1643 Miles)
  • 2189 Kilometers Driven (1360 Miles)
  • 23 Kilometers Swam (14 Miles)

Let’s break it down by region:


In Asia, we saw Raise Your Fla(RYF) (cam11111111 and SpecterChoya) usurp the top spot from Aim Garbage (what9honggildong and jeonha_) in a deciding game 5 (finishing 9th in the game, with a crucial five kills). Raise Your Fla(RYF) earn a berth straight to TwithCon with that victory, while the 2nd through 21st earn the right to compete in the week 3 finals.


Meanwhile in Europe, players were headhunting. Nearly a quarter of their kills (22.7%) were headshot kills. In the end, it was BanKai and tmathree who snagged the number one spot, and advance straight to TwitchCon. The two had 10 kills in back to back games, which cemented their top spot.  

South America

PANAMA (Papaya and Yalal) made it close, but it was NorinCha (N0RAN_ and davincha_) who finished first in South America. At 17 points per kill it was NorinCha’s superior aggression (29 kills to PANAMA’s 14) which made the difference. In fact, NorinCha’s 12 kills in game 2 almost equalled PANAMA’s count for the entire series.

North America

We ended Sunday in North America where the Prestigious Ghouls walked their way through competition, dominating with an over 300 point victory over their next closest opponent. The duo of Jabronimac and DIGdidz fnished no lower than 12th over the five rounds, ending 1st, 2nd, 1st (again), 12th, and 3rd while amassing a North American-leading 28 kills along the way.

Be sure to tune in this weekend to where we’ll have more Broadcaster Royale Season 2 action!

  • Asia – September 22 / 4am PDT
  • Europe – September 22 / 8am PDT
  • South America – September 23 / 11am PDT
  • North America – September 23 / 3pm PDT