Fan Vote Concerns & Feedback

A few days ago, we ran a fan vote throughout the majority of regions competing in Broadcaster Royale and while this is something that had been planned for several months, with the way it was announced it came across as something thrown together at the last second. Additionally, we experienced some technical issues in some of the regions due to limitations of the polling application chosen. This led to some downtime during the voting process and made the overall experience less than ideal.

We’ve also received a lot of feedback that this fan vote ended up leading to a lot of negative competition in many of the communities and this couldn’t be further from what we had intended. Our goal with the fan vote was to give anyone who competed in the Invitational Path of Broadcaster Royale a second chance at qualifying for the Grand Finals. By putting the power into the hands of the fans of our broadcasters, we had hoped to see a lot of promotion & fun chatter about the event as well as support from broadcasters who had already qualified for those who had not. Essentially, this was meant to bring everyone closer together and while that happened in some cases, the complete opposite happened in many others.

As the owners / operators of the entire Broadcaster Royale series, we at Twitch want to make sure at the end of day everyone is having an enjoyable experience. We’re trying a lot of new things with this project and while they all sound great in theory, sometimes when put into action, they unfortunately don’t pan out as well as we had hoped. While there were some great moments of collaboration and camaraderie during the fan vote, overall we feel that this method of qualification does not fit within our vision for Broadcaster Royale and as such will be removed from future seasons.