Wildcard Update & Fan Vote!

The Invitational Regional Finals took place yesterday as 160 teams competed for just 35 spots. While many teams earned one of those coveted Grand Finals spot, far more unfortunately did not. If your favorite stream team didn’t quite get enough points to qualify on their own, don’t worry, there’s still a chance! As mentioned during […]

The Broadcaster Royale Regional Finals Are Here!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve watched thousands of broadcasters from all over the globe compete for an opportunity to qualify our upcoming Live Grand Finals. However, before they can pack their bags and head out to Seattle, WA, they have just one more obstacle to overcome. This weekend, the remaining teams will face-off in […]

Teams Advancing From Invitational / Open Qualifier #2

Another weekend of Broadcaster Royale Qualifiers is in the books, as streamers from Asia to Europe to the Americas duked it out to qualify for the Regional Finals. We had some incredible matches over the weekend, full of heart-pounding action, expert tactics, and circle shenanigans. Packing all of the weekends’ PUBG excitement into a summary […]